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Every trip, every time, our promise to you is simple: Great Value and The Best Authentic Experiences. We hate hidden extras, surprise costs and disappointingly planned out activities when we travel so why would we expect you to enjoy them. This commitment is the cornerstone of everything we do and through the vast array of inclusions and no hidden extras, we believe we deliver on this better than most.


All of our hotels used through our tours fall under the minimum international three-star standard. Rooms provide private bathrooms, a telephone line, internet and a television. Some of our accommodation even have swimming pools, providing a refreshing dip after a long day of giving back. Whenever we use a home-stay, these have been vetted and kitted out with new, clean and comfortable bedding.

Not to worry if you’re solo, we will pair you with a room buddy of the same gender for no additional charge. Let us know if you’d like more privacy, we can arrange for single accommodation at an extra cost.

Attractions Included

Unlike many other tour operators, we don’t spend the tour trying to sell you upgrades or leaving you hanging around on the street because you can’t afford an unexpected attraction. All of the entrance fees are covered on tour, so you don’t need to dig into your pocket. On specific trips, there may be additional option upgrades, such as scuba diving or yoga classes but only the items to enhance an attraction, not the attraction itself. Please see individual tour itineraries for a list of inclusions and exclusions.

No Hidden Extras

On each of our itineraries, you can see a listing of what is and isn’t included, including a suggested amount of cash to ‘bring in hand’ allowing you to plan your trip and budget, before even booking.

Accredited Protection

We are registered and accredited with CATO, AFTA and ATAS. ATAS Accredited A12571 / AFTA Accredited 13684 / CATO Registration TO1024

Comfy Transportation

While riding a rickshaw through the streets of India will never be the same as jumping in a limousine, the experience we believe is a lot more exciting. That said, we don’t just plump for the cheapest option and palm it off as an experience; we provide modern, high-standard transport alongside more traditional authentic modes of travel inside the city limits.

For all of the transport we use, we ensure at a minimum its safety and comfort. We don’t want our travellers jumping out of an over-heating coach to visit an attraction, so air conditioning, spacious seating and water is provided. Some of our transport includes wifi, please refer to individual tour itineraries.

Group Size

To ensure the best experience possible, we keep our group sizes to an average of 12-people, a maximum of 16-participants. We are proud to welcome people of all ages.

Although it is rare for children to join the majority of our extended tours, participating children can and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and have written consent to join the trip. We do not recommend bringing smaller children on the trip, due to the lack of resources commonly found in developing countries. Please contact us to learn more.

Local Experience Leaders

Each one of our local experience leaders love their jobs and more importantly their country. From the moment you book with us to the second you land back home, we want to make sure your experience is nothing less than exemplary. We don’t just take you on a tour of a country; we take you on a journey that will captivate you every step of the way.  We always use local experience leaders to ensure we are supporting job creation in the country and you get insightful local recommendations.

At many historical and famous attractions, you will additionally be joined by an expert attraction guide who can answer all questions and provide a unique and factual view of your journey.

Tips are customary in most of the countries we visit for local experience leaders although not compulsory.

Food Inclusions

We aim to tantalise your taste buds with exotic flavours and local specialities created from seasonal produce. We include nearly all the meals on tour. With a mix of fusion, street, the traditional and western cuisine we don’t just palm you off on the typical tour bus restaurants, we have personally eaten in, and hand-picked each delicious dish we offer you. Alcoholic and soft drinks are excluded at meal times. Water and on most occasions, hot beverages are included. For specific special dinners, all-inclusive day tours, all drinks are included; please see individual tour pages for details.

No problem if you are vegetarian, vegan, celiac, lactose-intolerant or allergic to certain foods. We cater to all and any special dietary needs, just give us notice when you book your trip.

Flight Assistance

Flights are not included, but we are more than happy to help you find the best deal possible. We have some excellent tips here, a list of suggested routes here and one of our travel-loving trip coordinators is always happy to help you dig into the plethora of flight options and find the best one for you and your budget, just tick the ‘help with flights box’ when making the booking.

Empowerment Tourism

We are honest and upfront on each small group tour itinerary about the minimum percentage of tour funds donated to each project. With larger tour groups and depending on current needs, we usually go above and beyond the stated fund amount. Further information on our Empowerment Tourism inclusions can be found here

Like-minded Travellers

At Hands on Journeys, we are an inclusive operator and welcome all types of travellers to join our tour. That said, those who join us are usually looking for a more immersive experience and have a passion for giving back. Whether a seasoned pro or a first-time traveller, our groups are united by the need to see the world differently.


All tour balances must be secured by payment in full at the 60 days before departure stage. Before this, you can guarantee your place on our tour by paying the relevant deposit. If for some reason your dates need to change simply get in touch, and we will do our best to ensure you don’t lose the deposit and it can be transferred. Find more information on our terms and conditions.

Optional Upgrades

Don’t want to spend your trip of a lifetime sharing a room? No worries. We can arrange a private room for you with a single supplement. Many of our tours also offer extensions, five-star upgrades or even family deals. We’re a small and passionate team at Hands on Journeys so if you see something missing from our itinerary that you want to do, get in touch and we will try our best to incorporate it into your trip of a lifetime.

No Single Supplement

If you are flying solo but don’t want a private room, we will pair you up with another awesome tour companion and save you from the single supplement extra that many companies force on their travellers.




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