Delhi Slums

How one women is empowering the slums of Delhi

"He gave me a space in his families home and then I could start my first school. I had two children at first." Sonu sits across from us on the floor, her petite frame set alive by the brightness of her eyes. She explains how she came to be…
Taj Mahal

5 tips to take better travel photos

Last month our in-house photographer, Daniel James, saw one of the photos from our last India tour listed in Lonely Planets favourite Instagrams of March as well as Travel and Leisure Top 32 photos of the Modern Wonders of the World. So…
Cham Tour Guide
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The Khmer Rouge from the eyes of our tour guide

A guest post by one of our travellers, Colin Stanley. Wrought with disruption, violence, and unrest, the years leading to Chamreun’s birth were turbulent, to say the least. External pressures from changing regimes and bombardment from…
Maria Hands On Journeys

Children are our Future | Our Travellers Stories

Children are smart. They're intuitive, honest and curious. Children are playful, they know how to live in the moment. Children are sensitive and impressionable.
Cham Cambodia Tour Guide

Meet our tour guides: Cham

Without a doubt, the most important part of any tour group is the guide: they can make or break your trip. At Hands on Journeys we spent a long term hunting down the perfect locals to show you the sights, sounds and magic of their countries…
Fetehpur Sikri India

Do you know these 20 Random Facts about India?

India - A magical country of colour and contrasts. It's so vast you could spend a lifetime exploring it, but maybe you want to know these 20 random facts first! 1. Cows are considered sacred and as such can be found wandering freely throughout…
Hoi An Lanterns

5 Best Things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

We recently adjusted the itinerary on our Cambodia and Vietnam small group tour to give travellers an extra day in Hoi An to explore on their own. Why? Let us tell you... Hoi An truly is a special and unique place in Vietnam, and we’re…
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How to survive as a vegetarian in South East Asia

South East Asia is probably the easiest continent to travel as a vegetarian. It is however important to know a few things before you go. Whilst most of our small group tours through South East Asia and India provide lavish food feasts and can…
Hoi An Old Town
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5 Best tips to travel with only Hand Luggage

With more and more budget airlines offering cheap flights to our main destinations of Cambodia, Vietnam and India, it has become quite easy to save money on airfare. Unfortunately these tickets usually include only hand luggage and paying for…

That time I met a business man in Cambodia | Our Travellers Stories

I first met Douk when he interrupted a lunch the other day. As you may do when someone stops a conversation I told him we would catch up another day. I like to keep my word so today we did. I had a ‘not-sure when it will happen but it will’…
Vietnam Markets

7 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Tour Guide

A guest post by one of our travellers, Samith Pitch. There is nothing as rewarding, enlightening and as inspiring as travelling to new locations and exploring new worlds. Whether you’re staying for a short or extended period of time…
S21 Prison Museum
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Understanding Genocide in Cambodia: A visit to S21 and The Killing Fields

The noise of the violins rising from the audio guide, battling against the thunder. The young face peering through barbed wire with outstretched hands. Me, standing there with an umbrella hiding tears amongst the rain drops. It could have…