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A letter to our Cambodia and Vietnam travellers

Heading out on the road can be a downright daunting experience, full of the unexpected and when you are surrounded with people who share the same vision as you, the journey is amazing. We each see & feel such spectacular things and we’re all in a constant state of learning.

The friends you have met on this trip and the boundless opportunities that you have given to the tour-leaders to showcase their countries, the ladies you supported in opening their cooking classes; the new games you taught the children that brought them so much joy, which was displayed through their clapping & their smiles; the love towards Yeay who appreciated being given the chance to share her story for the first time; the love you showered the home-host you stayed with and the appreciation you showed by enjoying the yummy dishes they made for you; the selfless funds you contributed to building the toilet and the fun you had painting it; the water filters you delivered to those who do not have access to clean water; the commencement of the crafting classes that was kick started for the women in order for them to be able to afford to bring food to the table; the pure joy shared with them; the smiles and laughter shared with the children; the kites you flew with them; the skipping of the ropes (even though most of us failed miserably) – these are the special memories you are taking with you and the footprint you are leaving behind.

Collectively we have contributed USD$2414 on the various projects we have had, and we have directly touched the lives of 144 people. I also believe that each one of us is going back home a different person, so let’s add another 14 people to this list, that makes it a total of 158 people.

I hope this journey has spoken to you & touched your heart like never before.

The bond of friendship you have made on this trip is truly special and one that will unite us always. We have burst into one another’s lives with spectacular ideas and all of the excitement in the world.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and for making this little baby of mine even more unforgettable. We are all individually talented and collectively powerful.

As you bid farewell to this trip and ride through the streets of lanterns this evening, think of the beautiful smiles you have encountered throughout the journey and know that you are leaving Cambodia and Vietnam better to when you first got here.

You did this!


Founder, Hands on Journeys