Children are our Future | Our Travellers Stories

Today Maria shares an important value that sits at the core of Hands on Journeys mission. The future of the world is shaped by the children of the future…

Children are smart. They’re intuitive, honest and curious. Children are playful, they know how to live in the moment. Children are sensitive and impressionable.

These were just some of the thoughts crossing my mind, as I played with these Cambodian Angels in the village of 300 people just outside Phnom Peng as part of the HOJ experience.

Maria Hands On Journeys

And I might have no credentials in a sense that I don’t have kids of my own (yet) to say what I’m about to say, but what if we all focused on becoming models worth modeling for every little boy or girl we come across in life?

You see, when we first arrived at the village pretty much every child we walked by, was shy and hesitant.

“Who are these bright eyed smiling foreigners strolling through our village?” they must have wondered…

Maria Cambodia

But it didn’t take much convincing for these kids to join our impromptu party in the middle of the village. Music, games, soccer, prizes, alongside extended hands and smiles of HOJ travelers did the trick.

We were playing and acting silly in no time, creating magical moments, that are now memories we will hold dear forever…  

Children are the future, the future of our families, our village, city, country. They’re the ones who will shape the world to come.

And being on tour with Hands On Journeys, has once again showed me, how important it is to nourish the brilliance children overflow with. I wholeheartedly believe, that these little angel like humans we encounter, will grow into what we, adults, believe of them.

And what we believe of them – is first and foremost what we believe of ourselves.

Please take that in…