5 best things to do in Nadi and Denarau island

When it comes to tropical beach vacations with azure-waters, soft white sands and palm trays swaying slowly in the ocean-breeze, you can’t go wrong with a Fiji holiday.

This archipelago of Islands is ready and waiting for adventure seekers or relaxation hunters. The main airport, Nadi, also provides the perfect base for sampling the best of Fijian activities and our five-day Fiji tour is the perfect introduction to this tropical getaway. Here are a few of our favourite things to do in the sun.

1. Private Islands

With lapping waves and marine-life to be discovered, these small specs of sand in the ocean make for the perfect playground. While there are an abundance of islands you can stay on, we prefer to take day-trips to empty, accommodation free islands to really feel that care-free lifestyle. There are a whole host of tropical day-trips from Nadi and Denarau Island and after road-testing them all we put our favourite into our tour. With sea-kayaking, an open bar, a massage tent and white sands to settle into, this really is the perfect introduction to Fiji.

Fiji Private Islands

2. Hot Springs

The hot springs and mud pools in Nadi make for an amazing afternoon of relaxing and rejuvenating. While you might feel a bit awkward at first smearing the warm mud all over your body in front of your friends, after taking a dip in the various hot springs and removing all the mud, your skin will feel fresh and your mind care-free.

3. Fijian Hospitality and Culture

One of the most magical things about Fiji is the people that call these islands home. Bula is a common greeting from smiley faces and Fiji time, a relaxed pace of life, is the real deal here.

You can feel this Fijian hospitality everywhere you go, from restaurants to local storekeepers. Be sure to drink Kava at a welcome ceremony to enjoy a special moment. Traditional entertainment and dancing, sometimes including fire, is a really great way to spend an evening.

On our tours, we have gone one step further and worked with a local community to create a unique ‘day in the life of the local Fijians‘ experience. Not only do we learn how to cook with the community, traditional weaving and dancing but as we venture off the beaten path, this unique Empowerment Tourism experience which was put together by a group of our travellers brings tourist income to parts of the island it has yet to reach.

Discover the best of Nadi and Denarau Island on our 5-day tour

4. Lazy-beach days

Well, you can’t come to Fiji and not kick-back with a coconut can you? You don’t even need to jump on a boat to relax on great beaches. Both along the Nadi coast and around Denarau Island there are beautiful sands to kick back and relax on. Both of our resorts offer lavish swimming pools near the beach as well as direct beach access to ensure you don’t miss those epic sunsets, beach side with a cocktail.


5. Local Markets

To really get a flavour of local life we like to take our travellers to the local markets. Not just the souvenir based tourist markets, but the local fruit and crafts markets where you can pick up something unique and immerse yourself in the local culture. Cultural Immersion is at the forefront of everything Hands on Journeys does and this is one way to really dive in.

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