10 tips to get the best flight deals for your tour

Booking a tour and a flight separately can seem like a mega task but really, it is super easy. These 10 tips will help you find the best value air fare.

1. Go online and use a search engine

Whilst Travel Agents can be super handy to organise your flights for you the internet has made tracking down those bargains a piece of cake. Pick one of the super handy and advanced search engines such as Kayak and start hunting down your cheap flights. Our personal favourite for functionality and ease is Skyscanner.

2. Be as flexible as possible

The number one tip for getting the best value flights is to be as flexible as possible. Of course, if you are joining a tour then your dates are more limited but sometimes by simply arriving a day earlier or departing a day later you can save hundred of dollars which will easily offset the extra cost (and adventure) of having another day to enjoy your destination.

3. Consider other hubs to depart from

Not all airports (and their fees and taxes) were created equally. If a flight is just too expensive then consider starting your journey at another local regional hub airport. Sometimes the best deals can be found by looking further afield as your international departure point and taking a separate domestic flight to connect, again passing on the savings to you whilst breaking up a potentially long flight.

4. Search from the country you will be visiting

If you are taking a tour in say India and want to explore further once you are there then you will be looking for domestic flights. Always change the country you ‘are in’ on the search engine to the country your flight will actually be taken from. Often this will provide you with flight deals you might not have found before as they are only available/sold in that specific country.

5. Book in advance

For many things booking last minute can save you money, when it comes to flying this is not usually the case. Lock your flights down in advance (usually at least 2-3 months at the least) to secure the best deals. The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on last minute flights because they are the only ones which work with your tour departure dates.

6. Look for stopover deals

Many airlines, especially those in the Middle East and Asia now offer stop over deals. Whilst the cost of flying with these airlines might be slightly higher you may have the opportunity to explore a new city for a day or two with perks and freebies which can include free hotels, transport and activities provided complimentary by the airline as part of your ticket.

7. Sign up for flight alerts

Search engines such as Skyscanner can provide you with flight alerts when the fare you have searched for goes down. Simply make your search, enter your email and wait for them to tell you when to book to save even more money.

8. Be secret on your searches

Whilst some search engines do not track cookies (the little things your browser provides that tracks your search history) there has been a long standing belief that going Incognito whilst searching will mean that your previous hunting down for great value flights is not taken into account when you go to book so that the prices are not inflated by the airlines.

9. Make sure everything (and protection) is included

Some budget airlines now charge additional fees for things such as luggage, meals and even water. Be sure that everything you need is included in the final price otherwise in no time at all your budget flight may end up more expensive than a legacy carrier. Always have your travel insurance before booking your flight so incase of emergency and cancellation you have more protection.

10. Get on a ‘Flight Deals’ email list

There are heaps of websites out there which do all the hard work for you. Simply google ‘Flight deal email alerts’ and take your pick. Register your email and get all the latest bargains ready for you to read when you sit down at your desk. Error fares and flash sales don’t wait around for long though, so be sure to grab the bargain whilst it is ready and waiting to whisk you off.