Do you know these 20 Random Facts about India?

India – A magical country of colour and contrasts. It’s so vast you could spend a lifetime exploring it, but maybe you want to know these 20 random facts first!

1. Cows are considered sacred and as such can be found wandering freely throughout the country

2. The left hand is considered unclean, as most Indians dislike toilet paper and use this hand to splash

3. The national animal of India is the Bengal Tiger, sadly less then 5000 remain

4. The national bird however is the Indian Peafowl (Peacock)

Fetehpur Sikri India

5. The largest democracy in the world is India

6. India is home to over 15,000+ multi millionaires yet a vast number of the population live under the poverty line

7. Black is out when it comes to Funerals. In India, white is the colour of choice

8. The worlds most polluted city used to be Delhi, but now it has fallen to Number 8 on the list

9. Many wives in India will not say their husbands name out loud as it is disrespectful

10. Go Air only employ female cabin crew as less weight means less fuel!

Taj Mahal India

11. All the major religions of the world are represented in India including the church of Bahai in New Delhi (The lotus temple)

12. In the Hindu Calendar of India there are six seasons, including Prevernal and Monsoon

13. Bollywood came about from Bombay, using the B as the name. The city was later renamed to Mumbai

14. 80% of the population of India are Hindu.

Hawa Mahal India

15. Sanskrit Chaturanga is the original name for Chess and it was born in India

16. The country was split into Pakistan and India on August 15, 1947 – Now known as Independence day

17. 65%+ of the world spices come from India alone

18. Although India is a huge county, it only uses one time zone – IST

Jaipur India

19. In one Indian state all cows must have their own ID cards!

20. The largest postal network in the world is claimed by India… If we send you a postcard though, you might be waiting a while…